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Our History


In September 2003, the Pathway to Jesus School was founded by Guillermo and Shelley Hernandez. It was established to serve as a preschool/kindergarten for children ages 2-5 years old. The first year the school ministered to 18 students. However, the school grew so quickly it was decided to add a grade level each year and allow the school to minister to more children. Year by year, little by little, the school added more grade levels and received more students. There is such a great need for good, Christian education in the Dominican Republic; therefore, making this ministry very important.

These children come from lower class homes and a lot of them come from dysfunctional families. The majority of them are not from Christian homes so the school has a GREAT opportunity to share God´s love and God´s word with these students and their families and at the same time provide an excellent education.

Pathway to Jesus School (Colegio Caminito de Jesús) presently has a staff of 26 and approximately 275 students, preschool through 6th grade.